Sri Lanka is an island encircled by Indian Ocean that everyone loves at inside themselves, since ancient the island is well known among the travelers.

Aristotle the Greek Philosopher was born in 384 BC mentioning about Srilanka in the book of Dimundo.

From Roman poet Ovid (43BC-27AD) to the British Poet Milton (1608-1674AD) Lanka was an island worthy of poetry.

The poet, novelist and traveler Maria Jane Jewbury (1800-1832) in her series of poems mentions ophir as Taprobane in “The Oceanides”

“Ceylon! Ceylon! ‘tis naught to me

How thou wert known or named of old

As Ophir, Taprobane,

By Hebrew king or Grecian bold.

To thy spicy wooded vales,

Thy dusky sons and jewels bright”

Along the coast, visitors can explore amazing beaches, Discover the Nature, walks through ancient cities, experience the culture & Heritage and bit of modern Sri Lanka. We warmly welcome you to find your unique travel experience of Srilanka.

“AYUBOWAN”-May you blessed with long life