Sri Lanka is situated in the Indian ocean between Northern Latitudes 5.55’ and 9.50’ Eastern Longitudes 79.42’ and 81.52’. The Palk Strait is about 35km (23 miles) separates India and Sri Lanka. We are 5.30 hours ahead of GMT.


Independent island- Natural and cultural development takes place on its own. Cultural aspects were evolved on its own.

Example: – Sinhala language and characters.

Population – 20.8Million (2017)


  • The land area is 65610sq km. (6.56 million hectares)
  • Maximum length (North to south) is 434km from point Pedro in the north to point Dondra in the south.
  • Maximum Breath (West to East) is 240km from Colombo to Sangaman Kanda in the East.
  • Inland water covers 2905sq km.
  • National Flower: Blue Water Lilly
  • National Bird: Jungle Fowl

Mineral Resources of Sri Lanka


Gems in Sri Lanka have very long history from the prehistoric period. Precious stones and semi precious stones occur in a large variety. It is said that 30 out of internationally known. 38 gems are been found in the country. Most important gemstones are Sapphire, ruby, Chrysoberyl, topaz, tourmaline, alexandrite, zircon and garment. The best-known gem fields are found in Sabaragamuwa Province.