Sinharaja Rainforest is a WORLD HERITAGE SITE BY UNESCO in Srilanka in 1988. It is the first natural resource to be announced as a world heritage site in Srilanka.

Sinharaja is a tropical lowland forest. The forest at its lowest is 270meters above from the sea level. And it is one of few virgin forests in Srilanka.

Sinharaja has Ecological and bio diversity beauties. The trees grow up to 50meters and 66% of trees are endemic. Creepers, wild orchids and lianas also sheltered here.

95% of Endemic birds of Srilanka can be seen. Such as Srilanka Malkoha, Srilanka blue magpie, white headed starling, Srilanka spur fowl, Srilanka wood pigeon and Srilanka Jungle fowl which is the nation bird of Srilanka.

8 out of 12 Mammals are endemic to the region. In Sinharaja torque macaques’, Purple faced leaf monkeys, water monitor, mongooses and leeches are very common.