“Sigiriya” the lions rock fortress is located Northern Matale District and about 180 km from Capital Colombo. It’s a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE in Srilanka which declared in 1982.

“Sigiriya is a unique combination of fifth century urban planning, landscaping, Hydraulic management, engineering, architecture, painting, sculpture and poetry.

The existence of monolith rock is due to most probably volcanic reaction in pre Cambrian era. Before 5th century it was a monastery complex. The political history goes back to 5th AD, during the period of king Kashyapa built the fortress and palace complex on the rock and surroundings.

Sigiriya palace Complex is consisted of several parts.

  1. Sigiriya Museum
  2. Western, Southern and Northern entrances, ramparts and moats
  3. Pleasure Gardens
  4. Mirror Wall
  5. Summit
  6. Mahawewa- Sigiriya artificial lake
  7. Frescoes
  8. Lions Paw
  9. Inner and outer cities