Dambulla Rock cave Temple is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE in Srilanka which declared in 1991. Its located in Dambulla town, 161km from the Capital Colombo.

The history of the temple dates back to 3rd Century BC. There is an inscription above the drip ledge by Uttiya (294BC-197BC).

During King Valagamba’s reign in 1st Century BC, 7 invaders from south India invaded Anuradhapura. King could not fight back; therefore he fled to Dambulla Rock cave temple which was already a cave monastery where the monks were meditating. He lived there for 14 year with the help of the monks and recaptured the kingdom in Anuradhapura, so he wanted to show his gratitude’s towards the place where he lived.

He converted the caves into temple which beautiful interior carved one. Since this place is considered to be the place of victory. The kings, the Chieftains, teachers, people contributed to the temple in many ways up to 19th Century.

There are 5 major caves, consist of great number of Buddha statues, statues of kings, statues of Bodhisattva, statues of gods, Stupa

The largest mural painting in Asia can be observed here which covers 20000sqft, adding marvelous beauty to the temple.