Colombo is the commercial capital and the largest city of Srilanka. Like many capital cities in developing countries Colombo is fast changing its face.The population of Colombo is 0.75million. it is the financial centre of the island and a popular tourist destination. Its located on the west coast of the island. Mixture of Modern life and colonial buildings & ruins can be observed.

Due to its large harbor and its strategic position and along the East-West sea trade routes. Colombo was known to ancient traders 2000 years ago. It was made the capital by British during the colonial period and the statues as capital retained even after the independence in 1948.

The name Colombo first introduced by the Portuguese in 1505, is believed to be derived from the classical Sinhala name kolon thota which means port on the river kelani. Another belief is that the name is derived from the Sinhalese name kola amba thota which means harbor with leafy mango trees.

Some of attractions around Colombo

Independent Square

Independent Square Built to commemorate the independence. It was opened in 1951. The design is based on Magul Maduwa (Audience Hall) where the treaty was signed between the British and chieftains of Kandy 1815.

The Dutch Hospital

It is considered to be the oldest building in Colombo which is existed since 1681. in 2011 it has been converted in to a shopping and dining precinct, where the historic architecture has been preserved.

Dutch Museum

The two storey colonnaded building on prince street, pettah, Colombo, which houses this museum was constructed during Dutch occupation Colombo.

President House

Built by the Dutch Governor for the residence

Old Parliament Building

This was the parliament building of  Srilanka up to 19310-1983. Now this the building of Presidential Secretariat.

Gangaramay Temple and Seemamalakaya

Mix of modern architecture and cultural essence.

National Museum of Colombo

This is the largest building of colonial period, built in 1877 under Sir williom henry greogary.

Lotus Tower

The tower is 350M height and second tallest building in south Asia

Beira Lake

Portuguese built to provide protection from the local kings. There were crocodile in the lake. During the Dutch period it has been expanded. But the British removed the crocodiles and developed into a lake and surrounding for recreational works.

Town Hall Colombo

Town hall Colombo is the the headquarter of Colombo municipal council which is situated in front of famous vihara maha devi park. The architectural design was choosen by a competition held in 1922. There were 32 architecture had submitted the plan in which S J Edwards had won.

Its resemblance of  either Captiol Building of Washington DC or Cathedral Church of London.

Pettah Market Area