Srilanka is a tropical country. In another word hot and wet. Sri Lanka is an island and the maximum distance to the sea from a given point is less than 118km. One can move to any climate according to his wish just within a few hours of drive.

the temperature decreases with altitude at 3C for every 500M. Generally Central highlands has sub tropical climate. In Nuwara Eliya, a city in Central Highlands has average temperature of around 15C. During the winter season at night it might fall below 5C. The recorded lower temperature in Srilanka is -2.7 in 1914.

The highest temperature within the country is recorded during the period of April and May, which goes up to 35C.The sea breeze reduces the warmth of the atmosphere.

The temperature of the sea water is always 24C-27C despite the weather conditions.


The Humidity varies generally from about 70% during the daytime, while 90-95 at night in southwest part. In the dry zone humidity goes down to about 60 percent.

Rainfall &Monsoons

Southwest monsoon

  • 2500mm Average rainfall
  • Forming rain clouds southwestern sea and falling into southwestern part and central mountains
  • May to October

Northeast monsoon

  • 1200mm-1900mm average rainfall
  • Falling to northern , Northeast and southeast
  • December to March

Even During the monsoon seasons it’s not necessarily raining whole these periods. There are days, weeks and months which has no Rainfalls. Also could be a chance of vice-versa due to global climate changes.