The history of Sri Lanka is dates back to Pre Historical Period. A skull of human body and some remnants were found in Fa-xien cave near Bulatsinhala are in Kalutara district, which belongs to a period between 32000-2500BC.

Humans migrated from Africa to South Asia; circa 60000BP. Earliest recorded human activity in Sri Lanka dates back to about 28000BC.

The oldest book available on Sri Lanka is the book authored by Aristotle (the Greek Philosopher was born in 384BC) by the title Dimundo.

With the recent excavations, the history goes back to the 8th century BC or 2800 years. However legends take the history more than 3000-5000 Years.

At that time there were 4 tribes living in Sri Lanka. There are evidences that international traders had visited Lanka by the time of 7-8th century BC. The traders around the world referred the island by different names

Chinese:                                Ceilab, Zeelan

Greeks and Romans:      Taprobana

Arabs:                                    Serendib

Portuguese:                         Ceilao

Excavations in Anuradhapura revealed that Prince Wijaya arrived to Lanka from India. The people were engaged in paddy cultivation and rearing of horses. By the time 6th BC, Aryan group from Northern India came to Lanka and settled down along the rivers.

The Kingship came stronger in the 4th Century BC. Since that period to 20th century there were several kingdoms ruled by different kings. Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy are Popular among those kingdoms.